Conductor Hub & Hide Accessory Cover HAC206 & Hide Skimmer Lid HSL342 & Hide Accessory Cover HAC156 Safety COMBO

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This is the perfect Safety Combo for your Fibreglass Swimming Pool installation, including the Patented Conductor Hub Equipotential Bonding System as well as a Hide Access cover to suit as well as a Hide Skimmer Lid and a Hide Access cover to suit Water table inspection point.


As with all HIDE products, the Access Cover is designed to carry your selection of landscaping material to match the surrounds, allowing the lid to blend seamlessly into your outdoor area.

HIDE Access Covers are available in a selection of sizes and depths.


*Please note if you don’t already know your tile depth, but would like to take advantage of the combo price, please select ‘Thickness TBA’.  Your Conductor Hub system will be shipped immediately and your Hide Access Cover & Hide Skimmer Lid will be shipped when you notify us of the tile depth you require.


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Inlay Thickness

10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, Concrete, Thickness TBA

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