Conductor Hub System

Conductor Hub

Equipotential Bonding Connection System

The Conductor Hub is a unique inspection and testing device that is used in the domestic and commercial building markets.  It is installed in accordance with AS NZS 3000:2018 to provide an inspection point for Electrical contractors to ensure that all potential hazards (eg. metal work and conductive items) within a “wet area” form a part of an equipotential zone.

Bond Point

Testable Single Bonding Point

Bond point is a Testable Single Bonding Point that can be installed in wet areas, both in domestic and commercial applications that connects to the reinforcing steel within the concrete.  It is finished after the slab has been poured with a small 35mm stainless button that can be tested for continuity of the steel below.  The market has never before been able to test this area after the concrete is in situ, but now with the Bond Point they can confidently test the steels electrical potential.

Conductor Hub