Conductor Hub Kit Standard

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The official Conductor Hub Kit Standard, with the original light grey colour. Other lid colours can be purchased separately in our online shop.

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The Conductor Hub is a reliable solution that significantly lowers the risk of harm caused by electrical leakage. The device provides a visible, accessible bonding connection point. This allows contractors to easily and confidently certify that an area has been sufficiently grounded and ensure compliance with AS/NZS 3000:2018 legislation without delaying construction.



  • Installation is simple and safe.
  • The hub is placed in position and a copper bar fed through.
  • Stainless steel zip ties secure the copper bar in place.
  • Conduit is securely attached and connected to a location such as a wall frame or cavity.
  • The buss bar is attached to the copper bar.
  • The Earth wire from the switchboard is then fed through the conduit connecting to the buss bar to complete the circuit.
  • The collar is affixed with silicone and the lid is put into place for future inspection.

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Conductor Hub Kit Standard Light Grey


150mm Height, 150mm Diameter.

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Conductor Hub